In 2016 David and his wife Patricia began to outline what at some point will be a book about his life history (the “life-history” method is an anthropological approach to biographies). A second project is an art book with pictures of David’s baskets, canoes, designs and educational programs. Both books are in their first steps and there is still a long way to go. These projects are a great challenge in Patricia’s career. While her previous research projects have been at the service of indigenous communities in general, with these books Patricia’s anthropological expertise will be, first, at the service of her family, especially Natanis, Sabattus and Tobias, who lost their father in a early age. She believe that David’s life and legacy has much to offer to our societies. His personal, artistic, educational and political life can -certainly- help to understand and discuss very complex issues that concern Indigenous Peoples in North and South America. Confronting and questioning stereotypes, colonialism, marginalization, health problems, exploitation of resources in indigenous territories and the devastating effects of capita-lism, are some of the topics that crossed David’s path to become a canoe maker.

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